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Hanging Toiletry Bag This is a MUST. Your hanging toiletry bag needs to have a hanging hook and I prefer large hooks that easily rotate. Most campground bathrooms have small hooks for hanging towels and bags. But the bonus with a big hanging hook is you can hang your bag on a bathroom stall door, bathroom stall wall or shower wall. Usually in campground showers they have one small hook in the shower stall and you can use that for your towels. Then your hanging toiletry bag can hang closer to where you shower. My hanging toiletry bag is so old but Eagle Creek makes a nice one (see this photo above) that you can find online or at REI. Shampoo and Conditioner I use LUSH shampoo bars. I buy the little tin that LUSH sells, too. It is the best way to travel with shampoo and not worry about heavy liquids or liquids spilling. LUSH says that one shampoo bar lasts for 80 washes! There is also a Basin store in downtown Disney and we used to buy those shampoo bars when we lived in Orlando. Chris uses the J.R. Liggett shampoo bar at home but he has a LUSH shampoo bar for when he travels. Then my conditioner goes into a GoToob container. The GoToob containers are pricey, but they are worth it! I used to have a cheap travel bottle and it was so hard to squeeze and eventually the plastic started to crack. Since I switched to GoToob I haven’t had any trouble squeezing out my conditioner. Toilet Seat Covers I bought these at REI. When you need to sit on the toilet these are great. I usually wipe the seat down twice with toilet paper, flush and then place one of these on the toilet seat. Face Wash When I travel I use the Olay 4 in 1 Face Wipe towelettes (but many other brands also make these). They are dry and you get them wet to use them. They remove makeup and you can also use them as a travel washcloth to wash the rest of your body. Then you throw it away after your shower. Easy! Deodorant I usually use hard core Secret deodorant at home but when I travel I like the smaller sized deodorants. I did have a salt stick I used for a while but lately I am loving the Milk makeup deodorant that Sephora now carries. It has a little bit of a masculine cologne smell to it but the smell doesn’t last. Dry Shampoo I have tried so many dry shampoos but I keep going back to the Batiste brand. Batiste makes a small travel sized dry shampoo spray. So if you don’t feel like washing your hair every day this works in between washes. Moisturizer I don’t travel without my Paula’s Choice moisturizer. There is nothing else like it! Depending on the time of the year, the formula I use changes. I’ve been feeling a little dry lately so I am using a heavier moisturizer. This is the Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery moisturizer. It is pictured with my travel Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I tend to use waterproof mascara when I camp so I need a good cleansing oil to remove the waterproof mascara. Hair oil I usually don’t bring any styling tools when I camp. I let my hair air dry and it looks pretty good. I love hair oil. I have this travel Kerastase Elixir Ultime bottle that I keep refilling with my current oil. So it is a bit of a mix. The last time I traveled I was using the Agave Oil Treatment from Sephora and I can still smell it in this bottle. And I am currently using the Show Beauty Treatment oil so that is mixed in there, too. Body Moisturizer I bought a set of mini moisturizers from Ulta just after Christmas. They are the Pacifica body moisturizers and they smell so good! I was putting some of this on my legs at the campground and Chris asked if I was putting on bug spray. Even he doesn’t know I am a girly girl and use moisturizer on my legs! Actually, I don’t think men really notice the work women put into looking nice every day. One of our friends wears a lot of makeup - more than any other woman I know. And one day I asked Chris if he thought this friend wore too much makeup. He thought about it and said “I don’t think she wears much makeup at all.” Wow! Antibacterial Hand Wipes I always travel with these. I like the Giovanni Recharge Towelettes from Whole Foods. They have an assortment of scents - lavender, grapefruit and peppermint. They are great for washing your hands and they are also great for wiping yourself down on a hot day. Sunscreen When I place my Paula’s Choice orders I always add in 3 sunscreen samples. Sometimes they are free (it depends on what samples are in the free set that day) and other times they are less than $1 for a sample. Then you aren’t taking a huge bottle of sunscreen when you travel. If I am only putting sunscreen on my face, neck and shoulders I have enough to use it a second day, too. "; $category = "Vacations"; @include("../../template.php"); ?>

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The Epic Hike

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We decided to hike the trail around the Cliff Pond. It is listed as 3.2 miles so we estimated that it would take us an hour or two. That’s about the same distance as a 5k and you can walk that in about an hour so we were estimating a little higher because this is not a groomed trail and we are pretty sure the estimate is probably wrong because well… they are never right.

We found another amazing beach almost immediately! It was in the next cove over from the beach we had been visiting the entire trip. It was completely vacant, had a great fishing hole at one end and was a pretty amazing discovery. If we had been able to camp here it would have been worth the hike!

After that first beach the trail was no longer along the water. After an hour we were only 1/4 around the pond according to our phone’s map and it would be dark in an hour. We decided that it would be best to cut out at the next beach and take the bike trail back to our campground. This beach was the Fisherman’s Landing where you could launch your boat or leave your canoe. There was also a wooden dock that fell short of the water by about 20 feet or so but it made a nice stand for our camera!

This is a photo of the gravel boat launch to show you how nice the water is.

The only problem we had along the bike trail was that we were being chased constantly by yellow flies. That and it was a REALLY long walk, my flip flops were starting to rub blisters in my feet and James was once again exhausted!

We were on the trail until we started to get silly and when we finally made it to our campground entrance our GPS said we had traveled 2 miles on this trail to get back. See… told you that 3.2 miles was wrong.

A day at the pond

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We spend all day at Cliff Pond. Can you tell why we picked this campground? We floated in the lake all day and did a little fishing practice :) and avoided the complications of the local beaches. We picked up a good sunburn and wore James out once again. At the end of the day we decided we wanted to just do a simple dinner. We needed more firewood anyway so we headed to the local grocery store to grab both.

But first … time to hit the showers. James did his part by passing out in the dirt. Meanwhile, at the showers some guy is whistling constantly. I heard him earlier whistling Kumbaya which was mildly annoying but at least it didn’t get stuck in my head. This time though, it's Jingle Bells that somehow he transitioned into Do Re Mi. This was weird, who whistles this much!

As I left the shower I walked into what seemed like a third world scene as I left the shower building. There was a family speaking a slavic language, bathing at least 4 naked kids in the sink that was meant for dish washing. As it turns out the oldest kid is the one whistling, now some song that reminds me of background music for a 90's movie showing scenes of Russia… which was appropriate given the scene. One naked kid was crouched down looking at a bug and almost blocking the door to the building. This was bizarre, so I found the shortest route and headed back to the campsite.

Safely back at camp, we loaded up and headed to the grocery store to pick up our supplies for the evening. This is the nice thing about car camping, you can always pick up supplies if you need them. Shaw’s is the local grocery store here and it has just about everything. This is also the place where I learned option #2 for a simple camp fire… a simple 4 hour fire log for about $3. We got back to the camp site and set up our picnic.

James once again hit the dirt early.

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