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Wed February 07, 2018
Useful Travel Accessories
posted by: Sandra • in Vacations
I wanted to share a few of my favorite useful travel accessories and tips. Shower cap shoe covers I do have shoe bags for my shoes when I travel but I found that shower caps work even better for covering shoes. The shoe bags tend to leave extra space that could be filled up with other items. And the dirt will come off the bottom of the shoe and get on the rest of the shoe. With shower caps, you trap the dirt on the bottom of the shoe as you pack them away. I also like to fill my shoes
Wed October 25, 2017
Pet Friendly Vienna - Public Transportation
posted by: Sandra • in Vacations
One of the great things about Vienna, Austria (and much of Europe) is it is so dog friendly! James is ready for his first U-Bahn ride: James is welcome on the public transportation and Vienna has buses (Autobus), local trains (Schnellbahn or S-Bahn), trams (Straßenbahn and what I keep calling street cars) and underground/subway lines (U-Bahn). Vienna's public transportation works on an honesty system. There are no ticket barriers at stations and no formal ticket checks on trains, trams
Fri October 20, 2017
Therme Wien - A Relaxing Morning in Vienna
posted by: Sandra • in Vacations
When we visited Vienna a few years ago, I wanted to visit a "spa" that had soaking pools. I read that you could find them all over Austria. We found Therme Wien - it was the closest to the city and a fairly easy trip from town. Back then we took the U-Bahn to a Tram to a Bus and then walked. Well, now the U-Bahn goes all the way to Oberlaa and you don't need to worry about a multi-transport journey! Therme Wien has a LOT of pools - 26 of them! Several are spring water pools, several are thermal
Wed October 11, 2017
Flying to Europe with your dog - the Detailed Airport Experience
posted by: Sandra • in Vacations
This is the very detailed post about booking a flight from the US to Europe and taking your dog with you. For a much shorter post with just the highlights you need to know, click here. When we decided we wanted to move to Austria we had to figure out the logistics for our dog James. James is part of our family and we weren’t moving without him! The first thing we needed to do was figure out the requirements for moving James to Austria. I did some basic research online and then
Tue October 10, 2017
Flying to Europe with your dog - what you must know for the airport
posted by: Sandra • in Vacations
Here are the must-know highlights for flying to Europe from the US with your dog. If you would like to read our detailed post about flying to Europe with your dog, click here. When you buy your flights you then have to call the airline to book cargo space for your dog. I would call the airline first to make sure there is cargo space available if you want to be on the same flight. Then when you check in at the airport you pay a one way $400 USD fee for your dog to fly in cargo (this is the international
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