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Mon August 01, 2016
A girl’s guide to camping
posted by: Sandra • in Vacations
Chris and I love camping. I don’t consider myself a girly girl, but I do love makeup and beauty products. So I decided to put together a girl’s guide to camping! I know a lot of women that would panic if their boyfriend or husband asked them to go camping. And I want to show them that it is possible! We just went camping for an entire week and I will say I was the only person applying makeup at our campsite. Hey, natural light is amazing for applying makeup! I was probably the only person
Fri July 29, 2016
The Epic Hike
posted by:in Vacations
We decided to hike the trail around the Cliff Pond. It is listed as 3.2 miles so we estimated that it would take us an hour or two. That’s about the same distance as a 5k and you can walk that in about an hour so we were estimating a little higher because this is not a groomed trail and we are pretty sure the estimate is probably wrong because well… they are never right. We found another amazing beach almost immediately! It was in the next cove over from the beach we had been visiting
Thu July 28, 2016
A day at the pond
posted by:in Vacations
We spend all day at Cliff Pond. Can you tell why we picked this campground? We floated in the lake all day and did a little fishing practice :) and avoided the complications of the local beaches. We picked up a good sunburn and wore James out once again. At the end of the day we decided we wanted to just do a simple dinner. We needed more firewood anyway so we headed to the local grocery store to grab both. But first … time to hit the showers. James did his part by passing out in the dirt.
Wed July 27, 2016
Jo Mamas and Rock Harbor
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We headed to Jo Mamas for breakfast. On their logo the ‘o’ is a coffee bean which helps explain their selection, they have coffee and bagels and also bagel sandwiches. We each grabbed a bagel sandwich and a coffee and headed to Rock Harbor so James could get some beach time. What we had learned about Rock Harbor was that it was dog friendly before 9 am and that parking wasn’t enforced before 9 am. As it turns out, the data on the internet was not correct at all. So if you are looking
Tue July 26, 2016
Evening swim time
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We headed back to the pond for an evening swim and pretty much had the beach to ourselves. There were a few hikers and people coming to swim a little but the place was basically all ours for most of the evening. James was fetching his ball in the lake but not as far out this time, he was starting to develop an ear infection so we didn’t want him to get his head wet if possible. He didn’t seem to care and was happy just playing on the beach. James has started doing some weird things
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