Apps from


PuppyCam - An iOS app to help you take better photos of your dog. Featuring 65+ different crazy animal sounds to get your pup's attention.


Trainer Tracker - An iOS app to help personal trainers track the progress of their clients.


Sitemap Plus - An OSX app for web developers and web site managers.


GPX Builder - An iOS app for Xcode developers which generates GPX files for use in testing location services in the simulator.


Audio Tours - An iOS App to provide Audio Tours for some of the attractions around Washington DC.


GhostTalk - An iOS app for Ghost Hunters to give a live, visual result of an EVP.


I am working on something really cool! I won't give you any of the details yet but it is going to be very exciting!


Open Source Projects


Just in case you want to see how I code you can find some of my open source projects on github. A personal favorite is the XML Sitemap Generator for Mac OS X that became 'Sitemap Plus' above. (There have been some major improvements since the github project)


Chatter Cloud - An iOS app to allow for anonymous local communication.


App Consulting Available

Many people have great ideas for apps, but not many people really understand how the development process works. If you are in the process of interviewing developers or working with one and feel like you could use some help understanding the process and working with your developer, you can contact me using the form below.