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Wednesday January 17, 2018
American Made with Tom Cruise
posted by: Chris • in At Home
We decided to stay in and rent a movie last night. The movie we chose was American Made - Doug Liman with Tom Cruise. It is about the CIA's effort in the 70's-80's to battle communism in South America and the subsequent creation of major drug cartels and power players like Noriega throughout the region. It was a really fun movie, the plot was always moving and the story just kept growing. The best part was that it was based on a true story and had some actual history wound into the plot line. ...
Tuesday January 16, 2018
Our Airbnb in Verona, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Join us on a tour of our apartment in Verona, Italy. Our Airbnb was right by the Castelvecchio Bridge and minutes from the center of Verona. Since we are on a long-term travel adventure, we prefer to stay at apartments instead of hotels while we travel. If you haven't used Airbnb before, you need to check it out! Airbnb has been our primary source for housing during our travels here in Europe and so far we have had all amazing places! You can put filters in your search to help you find ...
Monday January 15, 2018
Verona, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
It is funny how we didn't really have a plan on what other cities we wanted to visit near Vienna. But somehow the right places found their way onto our calendar! Verona, Italy is one of those cities. Chris and I looked up Verona online and we decided it would be a perfect fit for our first Italian city to visit. We really lucked out when we found an apartment right next to the Castelvecchio Bridge! The bridge, most likely built in 1354-1356, granted Cangrande II della Scala a safe escape ...
Friday January 12, 2018
James è un Barboncino
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
It is so much fun having James with us in Europe. So far, James has been a Königspudel in Austria and now here in Italy James is a Barboncino or Barbone! So many people around us exclaim, "Barboncino!" and now I know they are talking to James. I do the same thing in the US - I tend to exclaim, "Poodle!" when I see a Poodle. At the pet shop in Milan, Italy we saw this poster: ...
Thursday January 11, 2018
Train Travel With Your Dog in Europe
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
One thing we love about Europe: You can travel by train with your dog! We were ready to book our first train ride with James, our Standard Poodle. While train travel in Europe with a dog is easy, it isn't always easy to find how to get the tickets. We wanted to explain the best way to travel through Europe by train with your dog. We first searched using the OBB Austria website (since we originally started our Europe journey in Austria) and we found that adding a dog to our searches showed ...
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