Monday August 06, 2018
Liv and Bella's Travels on YouTube
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
We meet the most amazing people in our travels! We recently met sisters Liv and Bella because of James. Everyone loves James the Poodle! We found out that Liv and Bella are traveling the world with their parents Katherine and Neil. They have a YouTube channel and you HAVE to check it out: ***PLEASE Subscribe to their channel on YouTube! We want to see them get at least a million subscribers this year!*** And how is this for a small world - Katherine and Neil are photographers! ...
Tuesday July 31, 2018
Summer Cartoon
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
I was going through old photos on my phone and I spotted this gem! At some point, I had an app on my phone that converts photos to cartoons. I have since deleted the app so I can't tell you which one I used. I usually delete apps if I find that I am not using them on a regular basis. ...
Monday July 30, 2018
Lebon Dentifrice (French Toothpaste)
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
I really enjoy trying new foreign beauty products. I spotted this Lebon Rose Orange Blossom and Mint toothpaste the other day and I decided to try it! It is actually really nice! ...
Friday July 27, 2018
Sunshine in Padova
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
Our balcony in Padova, Italy gets wonderful sunshine! James and I have been going outside almost every day to soak up the sun. This little fuzzy guy decided to join us. I love taking macro photos so I grabbed my camera and got a nice sunny portrait of him: ...
Wednesday July 25, 2018
Walking Around Padova, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Join us as we walk around Padova (Padua in English), Italy! ...
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