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Monday February 19, 2018
Marzipan in Milano
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
We were walking down Corso Venezia when I happened to look into a pasticceria and I saw the most incredible display of marzipan! I continued walking but after a few moments I said to Chris, “We have to go back!” And oh my goodness was that the right decision! Pasticceria Fratelli Freni had so many sweets but the marzipan is what definitely stood out to me. Even James was checking out the display: Look at these! Pears, mushrooms, figs and watermelon slices - all marzipan: The ...
Friday February 16, 2018
Window Shopping in Milan, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
I love window shopping! There are so many stores here in Milan that I enjoy walking past to see their window displays. They usually change them every day or so, too! They also put little signs next to each mannequin telling you the price of each item displayed. Look at this red gown in a sea of white wedding dresses at Atelier Emé: James in front of one of the windows at Stefanel - I love all of the Christmas ornament balls! I love this one shoulder dress at Kocca: The ...
Thursday February 15, 2018
Milan, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
We are really enjoying Milan, Italy! Here are some highlights of our visit so far! James was due for a groom while we were in Milan so we took him to Dog Model. Luciana has lots of Barboni (Poodles) on her website so we knew she would be perfect for James! On the way to the groomer we met another Poodle owner and she gets her white Standard Poodle groomed at Dog Model, too. The grooming shop isn't far from the Brera district so we were able to walk around and shop while James was groomed. ...
Wednesday February 14, 2018
Target - Valentine Napkins
posted by: Sandra • in Holidays
One US store I really miss is Target and their holiday items! They always have cute holiday clothing, kitchen items, party supplies, candy and more. Target has these cute Valentine's Day napkins and they feature a Poodle and a Dalmation! I used to buy fun paper plates and napkins for different holidays at Target. It was a fun and easy way to celebrate! Happy Valentine's Day from Italy! ...
Tuesday February 13, 2018
Poodle Bed Pants
posted by: Sandra • in Fashion
I am always finding stuff with Poodles on it. While we were in Italy, I found a fun store called Yamamay. They have a lot of lounge clothing and bed clothes. I happened to notice a soft top and when I looked to see the bed pants that were included I noticed they had dogs on them - including Poodles! So I had to get the set! James thinks the Poodle bed pants make a nice soft pillow: Snuggly James (and that is not the matching top that came with the pants - but another bed top I found ...
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