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Tuesday December 05, 2017
James ist Ein Königspudel
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Here in Vienna, everyone calls James a Königspudel. That translates to King Poodle or even Royal Poodle. In the states, James was a Standard Poodle. People turn their heads funny here when you say he is a Standard Poodle. Nope. He is a King Poodle. So Chris has been saying, "James isn't just a King Poodle; He is THE King of Poodles!"

Chris was getting his hair cut one afternoon so I decided to wander around a few fashion shops while I waited for him. One store caught my eye - it had purses and accessories. I noticed a rack with sparkly jeweled keychains and there it was: a Königspudel keychain! I had to get it!

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