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Wed August 30, 2017
A Walk Around Our Block in Georgetown
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
The countdown is on - we are moving away from Georgetown! We wanted to show our block that we have loved for the past four years.
Tue August 29, 2017
James needs a crate
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Soon we will be flying off to our next big adventure so James will need a crate. Then he can ride with us under the plane. We went to PetSmart to size James up for a crate:
Mon August 03, 2015
Six Second Graders Eating at Daniel
posted by: Chris • in Videos
This video from the New York Times Magazine is absolutely adorable! It features six second graders eating at Daniel in NYC. I was laughing and crying!
Sat January 10, 2015
Cute Subaru commercial with a Poodle
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Chris told me about this cute Subaru commercial featuring a Poodle! It is so much fun to have cable TV again - mainly for the commercials! The growling "wife" and the eye movement of the "husband" is SO funny!
Fri November 07, 2014
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Have you seen these videos from Jimmy Kimmel? It is celebrities laughing at mean tweets from random people. It is really sad that people are so hateful and I love that the celebrities have so much confidence and just laugh it off!
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