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Mon October 30, 2017
Florida Gators Honor Tom Petty
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Florida fans honored Gainesville native Tom Petty by singing 'I Won't Back Down' at the UF vs LSU game on October 7th. The Gators always sing "We Are The Boys" after the 3rd quarter ends and they followed it with Tom Petty since he had recently passed away. What a neat moment: Go Gators!!!
Wed September 20, 2017
DuPont Farmer's Market
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
I just realized I forgot to post our video of the DuPont Circle Farmer's Market! We usually go every Sunday in the warmer months. It is an easy walk from Georgetown - it takes about 15-20 minutes. The market has lots of fresh greens and I always like to try new things I have never seen. Then I go home and look up how to cook them! My favorite find this summer was Tatsoi. I used it fresh - I cut it up and mixed in with salad greens. And I also stir-fried it. Another favorite item that is new
Wed August 30, 2017
A Walk Around Our Block in Georgetown
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
The countdown is on - we are moving away from Georgetown! We wanted to show our block that we have loved for the past four years.
Tue August 29, 2017
James needs a crate
posted by: Sandra • in Videos
Soon we will be flying off to our next big adventure so James will need a crate. Then he can ride with us under the plane. We went to PetSmart to size James up for a crate:
Mon August 03, 2015
Six Second Graders Eating at Daniel
posted by: Chris • in Videos
This video from the New York Times Magazine is absolutely adorable! It features six second graders eating at Daniel in NYC. I was laughing and crying!
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