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Mark Brewer of the Central Florida Foundation (at the time it was the Community Foundation of Central Florida). Mark spoke that evening about the different generations, why and how the spend their money and how to market to them. I was already interesting in generational marketing with my photography business and after hearing Mark speak - I wanted to hear more! So I followed him outside while the GMM continued and introduced myself. I wanted to know where I could learn more - when Mark might be speaking again (it turns out he was speaking at the BIG Summit in a few months) and what his reading list was (I love to ask people about their book reading lists*). One of the things Mark showed in his presentations was commercials. Does the commercial speak to you? If not, chances are you are not their target market. I love watching commercials and trying to figure out who they are marketing to. It is pretty easy for me these days - I can tell if something is being sold to a Baby Boomer, a Millennial or my generation, Generation X. I often laugh at luxury car commercials that are marketing to Millennials. Millennials aren’t into cars. They are getting their driver’s licenses much later (not at 15 like us Gen Xers) and they would rather live somewhere with public transportation or bike lanes. And I worry about what will happen to the classic cars that Baby Boomers LOVE so much. And antiques. And collectibles. So many things that are priceless to Baby Boomers have no value to Millennials. Hopefully there is a shift as the Baby Boomer generation grows older and a new generation will want their stuff. I saw a commercial recently that I really liked. Clearly, they are marketing to me. Generation X. I happen to love Las Vegas. It is my idea of an easy vacation - amazing restaurants, gorgeous pools, shopping and gambling. I am not a huge gambler but I do enjoy playing video poker for a few hours. And I love people watching! Visit Las Vegas: What Happens here, Stays Here. I love the “selfies” haha. I don’t think Gen X is into selfies like Millennials and now Baby Boomers. In addition to Mark Brewer’s knowledge on generational marketing, another favorite of mine is Richard Florida. Richard Florida is the author of so many books I have read several times (you can find all of these on Amazon): Rise of the Creative Class, Who’s Your City?, The Great Reset and Flight of the Creative Class. All of this talk of generational marketing wants me to learn even more about it! I just can’t get enough! *Speaking of Book Reading Lists, Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, has a great reading list. If you get a chance to visit his Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas, they have a great tour. And at the end they have an area with books for employees to borrow. Since tour guests can’t exactly borrow the books, they have a printed book list. Tony Hsieh was the keynote speaker at the BIG Summit the year I went and saw Mark Brewer speak there. What a great experience! Ah ha - I found the Zappos book list on their website. "; $category = "Soap Box"; @include("../../template.php"); ?>

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Web developer strikes again

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Yesterday's post made me curious, could I possibly do more than just swap images that someone was hot linking to? As it turns out, yes I can. So I am not only swapping the images for those that are hot linking to my server but I am also tracking their visitors to record every visitor's IP address, the date/time of their visit, what page on the really bad developer's site they are visiting and which of my images they are trying to see.

Here is the link to the latest idiot:


The lone image with Sandra's logo on still on it is actually on the Lake Mary Events Center web site. So I can't do anything about that one.

And just to fill you in on why this is a problem. For every visit to their web site the content that the visitor downloads takes up bandwidth which usually translates into a fee from your hosting company, if you go over your allowed limit. By linking to the images on my site, my server takes the bandwidth hit instead of the site displaying the image.

Come to think about it, I should probably continue to allow my images to be displayed while I log the amount of bandwidth they are drawing from my site. And I am also going to add this tracking to my other sites to see how much of my hosting bill is really for providing image hosting for these @$$#*!3 developers.

HA! and this latest site... they say on their about page "All our pictures are gathered and submitted by our users" and they do indeed have an image submit form, the problem with their statement is that the form requires an image to be uploaded and these were clearly not uploaded since the links are to my site and the origin of the images is not one of the fields in their form.

Another hack web developer...

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I received a Google Alert this morning telling me that someone was talking about Sandra's website online. Here is a screen capture of the email:

I followed the links and discovered a Pinterest knockoff site full of Sandra's images with her logo. This site claims that all images are 'uploaded by users' but this is clearly not the case because all of the images are being pulled from my web site. So I decided that I would instead send them a different image :)

The link to the site is: //inshomegarden.ga/harry-p-leu-gardens-photo-1 if you want to see how many of Sandra's images they were using.
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