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Thu March 15, 2018
5 Things Americans Won't Find in Europe
posted by: Sandra • in Soap Box
Pretty much anything we want or need in Europe, we can find it. Some things maybe aren't quite what we are used to back home. But at least we can find it. There are a few exceptions, though. Here are 5 things we as Americans can't find in Europe. Or at least they just aren't quite what we are used to in the states. 1. Black Beans We were craving taco salads - a staple of our diets back in the US and a super easy dinner. Tortilla chips, tomatoes, ground chicken or turkey, cheese, sour
Fri February 02, 2018
Grocery Store Music Playlists
posted by: Sandra • in Soap Box
Who picks the songs for the grocery stores? Because THREE times now here in Europe I've been wandering a store looking for something (and not finding it) when the U2 song comes on... "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." If I owned a store I would want to make sure my customers definitely found what they were looking for AND they come back often! I just thought this was funny!
Mon August 29, 2016
Marketing, Generations and Commercials
posted by: Sandra • in Soap Box
When I lived in Orlando I was a member of the Junior League of Greater Orlando. One of the most important things in non-profit organizations like the Junior League is fundraising. At one of our GMM (general membership meetings) in 2009 we had a special guest speaker. That speaker was Mark Brewer of the Central Florida Foundation (at the time it was the Community Foundation of Central Florida). Mark spoke that evening about the different generations, why and how the spend their money and how to
Tue September 15, 2015
Web developer strikes again
posted by:in Soap Box
Yesterday's post made me curious, could I possibly do more than just swap images that someone was hot linking to? As it turns out, yes I can. So I am not only swapping the images for those that are hot linking to my server but I am also tracking their visitors to record every visitor's IP address, the date/time of their visit, what page on the really bad developer's site they are visiting and which of my images they are trying to see. Here is the link to the latest idiot: //imagestack.co/299564783-lake-mary-events-center.html The
Mon September 14, 2015
Another hack web developer...
posted by:in Soap Box
I received a Google Alert this morning telling me that someone was talking about Sandra's website online. Here is a screen capture of the email: I followed the links and discovered a Pinterest knockoff site full of Sandra's images with her logo. This site claims that all images are 'uploaded by users' but this is clearly not the case because all of the images are being pulled from my web site. So I decided that I would instead send them a different image :) The link to the site is: //inshomegarden.ga/harry-p-leu-gardens-photo-1
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