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Steven Klein featured in Architectural Digest

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I was in Whole Foods the other day waiting to check out and I noticed the September issue of Architectural Digest had "Steven Klein" on the cover. Of course I had to check it out! Steven Klein was the photographer I interned for in New York City. Steven loves horses and Harlequin Great Danes - both are featured in the article along with his AMAZING home. One puppy he had back when I was an intern was named Axl and Axl would wander onto the set and sometimes be featured in the final Vogue photo. I am so glad AD featured Steven's Hamptons property. I love the black tile bathroom and the long pool.

Steven Klein featured in Architectural Digest - September 2014

Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC

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I've been wanting to visit Washington, DC at peak bloom for the cherry blossoms for years. I even had a recurring alert in my calendar to tell me to look into going every year. But the end of March and beginning of April is my busiest time of year for weddings so I never could visit the cherry blossoms during peak bloom. Chris and I even talked about making a super quick run up and back with only 2 days. But we decided that would be too hectic. And now here we are - living in Washington, DC!

I had a few weddings and was really exhausted and wanted to catch up on sleep. But I knew peak bloom was here and decided to get up really early last week and head down to the Tidal Basin at sunrise. Chris didn't want to get up that early but once I was up he decided he would go ahead and get up, too.

Here are some of my favorite photos taken with my little Canon G10. I rarely use this little point and shoot anymore but I decided to get it out and dust it off. What a great little lightweight camera!

It is funny - our allergies have been going nuts. I really don't have allergy problems but Chris does. I knew it was bad when MY eyes were watering and my nose was running! I thought maybe the cherry blossom buds were to blame. Look at that pollen:

But it turns out that cherry blossoms really don't cause allergies. They just happen to be blooming when other trees that are known allergens are producing lots of pollen!

The floral library near the Tidal Basin isn't in full bloom yet. It still has a few more weeks to go for those bulbs. But here are a few early blooming tulips:

Spring in Washington, DC

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April arrived and I took an afternoon off to walk around the mall area of Washington, DC. I saw a lot of blooms about to go nuts and I can't wait to go back again this week and see how they are looking.

Buds at the US Botanic Garden:

The Japanese Magnolias are going nuts! I've read they are the first to bloom and everything else soon follows. They call these Saucer Magnolias here.

These white flowers are blooming all over, too. I had to look them up in Google since no one knew what they were and they weren't labeled. They are Star Magnolias:

And the bulbs are popping up all over - especially the daffodils. They are just beautiful! These few are in front of the National Air and Space Museum:

More Saucer or Japanese Magnolias at the Smithsonian Castle:

The scaffolding is down at the Washington Monument - soon it will be open for visitors again!

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