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Tue October 24, 2017
Letting Things Go
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
I saw this text on a photo and I thought - how fitting for exactly where we are in our lives right now.
Thu August 31, 2017
New Canon G7xII for Vlogging
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
I have a Canon G10 I bought many years ago when it first came out and I love that little camera! It is still in great shape but I realized I wanted a camera that worked a little better for vlogging - one that had a screen that could pop up and out for selfie videos, one that had audio with the playback and a touch screen would be nice, too. So I upgraded to the Canon G7xII. It still feels a little weird to walk around Georgetown with a camera pointed at myself while I talk to it. But I am getting
Thu August 24, 2017
CityCenterDC Summer Decorations
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
I used to walk through CityCenterDC all the time when I was going to Goethe for German classes. Goethe has since moved and isn't near CityCenter anymore. So we happened to be in the area the other night and I told Chris I wanted to walk through the shops and get some Cereal Milk ice cream from Momofuku Milk Bar (and a side note - if you haven't had Cereal Milk ice cream you have to try it! It is bizarrely delicious - sweet and sour. It tastes just like the leftover milk in the bottom of your
Wed August 23, 2017
A Maryland Sidewalk
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
There is something weird about Maryland (and Virginia seems to have this problem, too). There are hardly any sidewalks! Look at almost ANY neighborhood in Maryland and you will notice it. I love older neighborhoods with houses over 20 years old. And those are the ones that rarely have sidewalks. So this is what happens - a Maryland sidewalk: We can't figure this out. In Florida, there are sidewalks everywhere. And even where I grew up - some of the smaller neighborhoods with 10-30 houses
Tue August 22, 2017
Washington Kastles Tennis
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
Every year we try to attend at least one Washington Kastles tennis match. The best part is the matches are indoors at the GW Basketball Arena. Where else can you watch tennis and be nice and cool in the summertime? It is perfect! The matches are a little less casual and formal like other tennis matches. They play music and encourage you to cheer (when the players are not in play). And another great part is the stadium is pretty small so every seat is a good seat! Chris has a friend that used
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