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Wed May 30, 2018
In Memory of Jackson the Poodle
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
My heart aches for our friend Amanda. Her Standard Poodle Jackson passed away on Friday May 25, 2018. Back in March, Amanda took Jackson to a neurologist when he had some unexplained leg weakness. An MRI revealed that 10 year old Jackson had a brain tumor. Jackson had several rounds of radiation treatment that helped him live just a little bit longer. He ate lots of amazing food and went on lots of adventures with Amanda. He even had this radioactive symbol dog tag that he wore! Amanda
Fri April 20, 2018
Happy 8th Birthday James!
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
I can't believe James is 8 years old. He is such a sweet and mellow boy but he also still has his puppy energy when it is time to play fetch! Here are some formal 8th birthday portraits of James. We didn't have a birthday party for him this year (we did every year in Washington, DC) but his European adventures could be considered one big birthday celebration!
Wed January 31, 2018
Is Anyone Else Ready for Summer?
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
I feel like we went from 90° Fahrenheit when we left Washington, DC in September to 50° Fahrenheit in Austria. We skipped those beautiful 70° days and went right into winter. Because of that, I am anxious for Spring and some pretty weather. The cold and wet and snow and ice is starting to get to me. I've noticed other bloggers talking about this, too. One said she didn't leave the house for the first few days of the year because it was so icy outside! So today I am posting a fun and inspiring
Thu January 25, 2018
James is Featured in a Magazine for his Therapy Dog Work
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
Last Spring, GW Hospital asked if they could feature James in their magazine. (Before leaving DC, James and I volunteered at GW Hospital once a week.) During our visits, James says hello to the adult patients that are in the infusion suite that day. The infusion suite has patients that are getting chemotherapy, blood transfusions and other fluids. Sometimes these patients have to sit for several hours and a visit from James helps this time go by a little bit faster! Sometimes I
Mon December 11, 2017
The Best Pocket Camera for Photographers: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
posted by: Sandra • in Photos
I know I posted back in August about my new Canon point and shoot camera. But I didn't really go into detail about why I love this little point and shoot camera. A little history: I used to be a Fuji pocket point and shoot photographer. And I honestly miss those models of point and shoots because they were teeny tiny and easy to tote around. They had a full range of manual controls, a great macro setting and long exposure settings. I started with the Fuji F10 back in 2005. And after
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