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Wed February 14, 2018
Target - Valentine Napkins
posted by: Sandra • in Holidays
One US store I really miss is Target and their holiday items! They always have cute holiday clothing, kitchen items, party supplies, candy and more. Target has these cute Valentine's Day napkins and they feature a Poodle and a Dalmation! I used to buy fun paper plates and napkins for different holidays at Target. It was a fun and easy way to celebrate! Happy Valentine's Day from Italy!
Mon February 12, 2018
Thanksgiving in Verona, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in Holidays
I realized that we posted all of our Christmas in Vienna videos but I forgot to show our Thanksgiving in Verona! This video is all about FOOD haha!
Mon January 29, 2018
Our 15th Wedding Anniversary
posted by: Sandra • in Holidays
I forgot to post last month about our 15th wedding anniversary on December 14th. We went ice skating in Vienna for our anniversary. But another fun thing was a Just Married book I got for Chris. I was walking past our free little library in Vienna when I spotted this Just Married book. I knew it would be the perfect gift! And guess what? There are Poodles featured in the book! It is an interestingly humorous Austrian German book. It isn't full of poems or lovey things. For example,
Tue January 02, 2018
What Did James Get For Christmas?
posted by: Sandra • in Holidays
We walked past a Decathlon sporting goods store when we were in Italy a few weeks ago and we spotted the perfect Christmas gift for James. It was a trio of fun! SPOILER ALERT: We used to live in Georgetown, Washington, DC and our neighborhood went nuts for Halloween. Pretty much every house had decorations. Some were over the top and so much fun and others had simple pumpkin displays. Halloween is my favorite holiday so every year while we lived in Georgetown I got out my camera and
Mon January 01, 2018
Stocking Up on Groceries for Christmas
posted by: Sandra • in Holidays
We are in Vienna, Austria for Christmas. When you are in Vienna for the Christmas holidays, you have to plan ahead with your groceries because many of the stores (including the grocery stores) are closed the 24th, 25th and 26th for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We decided to plan simple meals for the next few days: sandwiches and mini pizzas! One thing we love about Vienna is our grocery bill is always less than we expect. In Washington, DC, groceries were quite expensive and
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