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Tue February 13, 2018
Poodle Bed Pants
posted by: Sandra • in Fashion
I am always finding stuff with Poodles on it. While we were in Italy, I found a fun store called Yamamay. They have a lot of lounge clothing and bed clothes. I happened to notice a soft top and when I looked to see the bed pants that were included I noticed they had dogs on them - including Poodles! So I had to get the set! James thinks the Poodle bed pants make a nice soft pillow: Snuggly James (and that is not the matching top that came with the pants - but another bed top I found
Fri January 26, 2018
MonoLab Juicy Perfume
posted by: Sandra • in Fashion
While in Verona, Italy, we walked past a perfume store near our apartment often. The store was called Lebeau Enchanted Perfumery - Artistic perfumery selection by Marina Lebeau There was just this wonderful smell that came from the perfume store - day or night. One night, I stopped to just soak in the beautiful smell! Chris isn't even a big perfume lover and he said this place smelled great! I told him the next time we walked by when they were open I was going to ask what perfume this was that
Wed January 10, 2018
Pearl Poodle Brooches
posted by: Sandra • in Fashion
I love pretty much everything that features a Poodle or Poodles. Back in August, I was shopping in Banana Republic when I spotted a Poodle Brooch with pearls: It was so pretty and I had to have it! I added it to my therapy dog badge that I wear when James and I volunteer. Then I was looking online at Bloomingdales the other day and I spotted this Carolee Poodle pin. It looks a lot like the Banana Republic one: It is funny how Poodles show up everywhere - in jewelry, on umbrellas,
Fri November 24, 2017
Sephora VIB Rouge Fall 2017 Sale
posted by: Sandra • in Fashion
I knew I wasn't going to be in the US during this fall's Sephora VIB Rouge Sale. Every year I buy fun Sephora Holiday limited edition items as well as big ticket items that are never on sale. Last year, I used the 20% off to buy the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and the GHD Platinum Professional Flat Iron. My friends that know me well all asked me what I was going to do without a Sephora in Vienna. I know. I had thought about it already. I wasn't sure. Luckily, Vienna has Douglas and Müller.
Wed November 22, 2017
Sheep Wool Bootie Slippers
posted by: Sandra • in Fashion
We packed light when coming to Europe so I said goodbye to my REI slippers. They were like sleeping bags for my feet! They were down booties and so warm and comfortable. You couldn't wear them outside, but that wasn't their purpose. They were house slippers. REI doesn't make them anymore (they were the REI brand) but they do have a similar down bootie from Cabiniste. I figured I would be okay in Europe with warm socks. Until I wasn't. I realized that when my feet are cold, I get super cold.
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