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Friday April 06, 2018
Around Venice, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
Venice, Italy really is one of those cities you could get lost in. You want to get lost in it! I actually read a great tourist tip: if you pass a shop where you want to see inside you better do it NOW. Because the chances of finding that same shop again are pretty slim!

James and the St Mark's Campanile - the bell tower of St Mark's Basilica. This is right in the heart of Venice at the Piazza San Marco:

One of many glass shops in Venice - and this one had musical instruments made of glass!! A glass guitar and a glass saxophone:

While Chris loved looking at the glass musical instruments, I loved looking at the glass jewelry! These glass rings are so pretty:

We stopped in the farmacia and the pharmacists were so excited to meet James! (And side note: if you are in Europe and need a prescription refill don't be afraid of the pharmacies like we were originally. They are SO helpful and not only were our prescriptions sold as over the counter but they were 1/10 of the price we pay in the US!!)

The famous Rialto bridge from our vaporetto (the open deck space in the back makes a great little excursion along the Grand Canal - be sure to read our guide to riding the water taxis in Venice):

I was looking for some new sunglasses while in Europe and I finally found exactly what I was looking for at Trussardi! James got some attention from the team at Trussardi and he loved it:

The winter days have the most beautiful sunsets:

I decided to end this blog post on an INTERESTING photo. We took the big car ferry back to Lido and since it is a large ferry and not just a vaporetto or motoscafo it had a cafe and bathrooms. We had been wandering Venice for a while so I was thankful to find a bathroom. To my surprise, this was the toilet in the ferry!!!

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