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Tue December 12, 2017
Supersonic training of the Austrian Air Force
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
Why are there no planes flying over us in Weyregg am Attersee, Austria? This is REALLY odd. On of my most-used iPhone apps is Plane Finder. I love looking at what planes are above me and the app has an AR view to ID planes as well as a map view. In DC, I learned that on certain days the Brits loved to fly on HUGE planes to Mexico. And at my dad's house in remote Northern Wisconsin, I learned that a lot of huge planes leave Chicago heading for Asia and fly over his house. They are very high
Thu December 07, 2017
Weyregg am Attersee, Austria
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
Chris and I talked about a little getaway from Vienna. We knew we wanted to see the mountains near Salzburg and Innsbruck. Should we take a train? Or rent a car and wander? Should we stay in town with a train station and walk to everything? Or go somewhere that needed a car? We did some searching on Airbnb and we decided to rent a car and wander. We rented a car and we had no idea what we would get. In the US, when you rent mid-size you sometimes end up with a clown car. One time in Las
Tue November 28, 2017
Chestnuts and Glüwein in Vienna
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
Advent is almost here and Vienna's Christmas spirit is already in the air! Down by St. Stephen's Cathedral, the street vendors are selling roasted chestnuts and Glüwein (mulled wine). The street vendors in Vienna are very classy - they sell you Wiener Schnitzel on a real glass plate. And you stand at a hightop table nearby and enjoy your food. And the Glüwein is served in mugs! It is such a fun experience! I enjoyed some warm Glüwein - I actually enjoyed holding the hot mug on the cold
Tue November 21, 2017
James is an EU Pet Passport Holder
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
When we came to Vienna from the United States, our dog James had to get a LOT of paperwork done. He needed a full health certificate filled out from our veterinarian in DC. And then we had to get that paperwork co-signed by the USDA in Richmond, Virginia. It wasn't a problem - but it was expensive (the vet bill) and time consuming (driving to Richmond, Virginia for the USDA). And the US paperwork is only valid for 30 days. Since we are staying in Europe longer than 30 days, we had to find
Thu November 16, 2017
Poodle Grooming in Vienna
posted by: Sandra • in Experiences
Since James is a Poodle, he needs groomed often. We usually like to get him groomed every 4-6 weeks. When we were visiting the hospital and school on a regular basis as a therapy dog, I usually had James groomed every 4 weeks. Sometimes even as often as every 3 weeks. We had James groomed in DC right before we left for Vienna. So we knew we would have about 4 weeks to find a Poodle groomer in Vienna. We started asking around and looking online. Luckily, we found a groomer that had a white
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