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Mon November 20, 2017
Butterkeks and Chocolate
posted by: Chris • in Dining
Have you seen these cookies? Well if not, you won't see them here either because they are delicious! These are made by the UTZ company which is based in Baltimore, MD so you may find them around that area if they are not in a store where you are. From what I can figure out, UTZ bought the company that originally made these and it's a good thing because the world would be a sad place without them. The cookies are also available separately. They are the Butterkeks, and they are good on
Fri November 17, 2017
Dinner with Ingo and Ina
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
Our friends Ingo and Ina live in Vienna and when they heard we were coming to Vienna they invited us to their home for dinner. We knew they were good cooks - but this was like a Michelin starred restaurant experience! I wish I would have taken photos of the many, many courses. But we were having such a good time talking and eating that I forgot to get my phone and take pictures. Ina had a selection of dog treats for James and he got a few tastes of our courses, too. Chris and James watch
Tue October 24, 2017
Salad Dressing in Vienna
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
I knew I was going to miss Trader Joe's when we arrived in Vienna. Trader Joe's has the best salad dressings (Goddess is my favorite). I knew we would find perfectly good salad dressing in Vienna. Or would we??? One of the many, many pre-made salad dressings found in the states: Our first day here I stopped at the grocery store for basics to get us through the first few days. I picked up salad, cucumbers and then I started to look for salad dressing. All I could find was oil and vinegar!
Mon October 16, 2017
Order What You Want, Eat What You Get
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
"Order What You Want, Eat What You Get." Chris had said this to me before we left for Austria. And I didn't realize it might be something we would laugh about so soon! We have been cooking in our kitchen a lot and one night we decided to go out for our first dinner in Vienna. There is a little Italian and Pizza restaurant on our block and it is always busy. We decided to give it a try. We ordered: Pizza Provenciale mit Tomaten, Käse, Schinken, Speck, Mais und Pfefferoni We knew a
Mon November 14, 2016
Arnold Palmer lemonade tea drink
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
Arnold Palmer. I was sad to hear Arnold Palmer passed away back in September. Before he passed away, I had pre-ordered his recent memoir on Amazon and I was looking forward to hearing more fascinating stories. It sounded like Arnie was quite the guy. I also decided that I wanted to try the official Amazon Arnold Palmer drink. I saw it everywhere in Florida but I never tried it. Well, this turned out to be QUITE the hunt in DC! I have looked everywhere and the only thing I can find is Arnold
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