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Mon February 19, 2018
Marzipan in Milano
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
We were walking down Corso Venezia when I happened to look into a pasticceria and I saw the most incredible display of marzipan! I continued walking but after a few moments I said to Chris, “We have to go back!” And oh my goodness was that the right decision! Pasticceria Fratelli Freni had so many sweets but the marzipan is what definitely stood out to me. Even James was checking out the display: Look at these! Pears, mushrooms, figs and watermelon slices - all marzipan: The
Tue January 30, 2018
Giant Figs from the Naschmarkt
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
Vienna, Austria has this big market called the Naschmarkt. It has some small shops but for the most part it is all outdoor vendors selling fruits, vegetables, spices, sweets, tea, fish, meat and more! It is always fun to walk through the Naschmarkt and when I spotted these giant figs I knew I had to have a few of them. I love fresh figs! We had a fig tree in Orlando that grew from a piece of fig tree we dug up in Lake Talquin, Florida. That tree grew so big in Orlando and we always looked forward
Wed January 03, 2018
Eggnog in Austria
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
Since it is the holidays, I tend to crave eggnog. I usually don't need much - just a few sips or a small glass satisfies my craving. And when I say eggnog, I am talking about the kind you get from Publix or Safeway in a cardboard milk carton. It doesn't have any alcohol added (yet). I decided to look for eggnog at Spar (our grocery store here in Vienna) the other day. I knew it would be "Eier"-something. Since Eier is eggs in German. But I couldn't find it. Finally, I found a kind with
Thu December 21, 2017
Dinner with Friends in Vienna
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
Our friends Lindsay and Leslie from Washington, DC are in Vienna this week. Ingo and Ina are friends with them, too, so we were all invited to Ingo and Ina's house for another spectacular dinner! We asked what we could bring and Ina's immediate response was, "Sir James!!!" So of course James joined the fun, too. We had a great time talking and laughing and I remembered to take a group photo at the end of the evening:
Wed December 13, 2017
Martinigansl (Roasted Goose) in Austria
posted by: Sandra • in Dining
It is fun learning about all of the different holidays in Austria. We started noticing a lot of restaurants with special menus posted on the door with a goose on the menu. Our German is not that great (yet!) so we weren't really sure what the notes said. We didn't even think to ask! Then when we were in Weyregg am Attersee we kept driving past a restaurant and the sign out front said it would open on Friday at 1800. We weren't sure if it had been closed for the off-season (most places in Weyregg
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