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Mon July 04, 2016
Learning to code - Tools you should use
posted by:in Code
I know I said that this lesson would be about links, file paths and how to organize your files but let’s move that to the next lesson so we can get you the tools that will make this entire process much easier for you. You need the right software now that you are getting really good at your HTML. Here are my recommendations for you: Windows & Mac NetBeans (https://netbeans.org) - This is a great tool, it will color code things for you to make it easier to see the tags on your page and
Thu June 30, 2016
Learning to code - Images and Styles
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In the last tutorial I showed you how to get started with HTML, how to add tags and how to see your results in your browser window. The reason we are starting with HTML is because it is very easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to test. I promise you we will get into some really cool stuff soon so stick with me. Today we are going to add an image or two to our page and also move things around on the screen to make them look better. If you took the time to explore the list of HTML tags and
Mon June 27, 2016
Learning to code from scratch
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After posting my first code tutorial I realized that maybe I needed to start from the beginning. I know a lot of people that are interested in learning how to build web sites and learn to write code but there isn't anything that is beginner enough to make them feel like they CAN do it. So I'm telling everyone right now that you can and if you have a little patience you will be surprised how fast you can learn. This time I'm starting from the very beginning. Normally I would tell you to have a
Fri June 10, 2016
MCN Workshop Outline
posted by: Chris • in Code
I've been working on my outline for the workshop and this is what I have so far. There will be some work for the participants before the workshop but I will have some pretty good instructions for them soon. So far this is the outline of what I plan to cover: Introduction to the challenges of using video content Explanation of triggered behaviors from the video timeline and examples of use online Tutorial 1 (Beginner) - JavaScript triggers for on-page content    We will cover how
Thu June 09, 2016
I'm speaking at the Museum Computer Network this year
posted by:in Code
I received the confirmation from MCN (The Museum Computer Network) conference that they would like me to present this year. So it looks like I have my work cut out for me because I put together a very intense workshop and now I need to practice. So before I describe the next step let me just thank your for being my guinea pigs because I am going to have quite a few practice posts for the things that I plan on teaching. You guys are going to learn more than you probably wanted to know about video
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