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Wednesday June 06, 2018
Apple Brings Back Nextel to the Apple Watch
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
Years ago, we had Nextel phones with the walkie-talkie feature. All of our friends had Nextel and it was a great way to have quick chats. I was a little sad to see it go, but we all moved on to phones with the little keyboards for texting.

Yesterday, Apple announced at WWDC 2018 that they are going to have a walkie-talkie feature in their Apple Watch! I love my Apple Watch and Chris finally bought one when we were in Milan, Italy. Now we will be able to chat with the walkie-talkie feature on our Apple Watches!

I do remember reading about a walkie-talkie app for your iPhone that people suggested you use during hurricanes in Florida. The app I read about is called Zello. We tested it out and it works just like the Nextel phones. I do think I will enjoy having the walkie-talkie feature on my Apple Watch better. Here is the Zello app if you want to check it out:

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