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Tuesday April 03, 2018
Beach Life on Lido di Venezia, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
Oh we are LOVING the beach! It is cold and winter but we still love it. James REALLY loves it. When James was a puppy, we rented a beach house for a month in St. Augustine Beach, Florida (check out the old posts from that month here and here). James would play fetch on the beach every. single. day. And now 8 years later he still starts to dance when he sees a beach. He knows that beaches mean fetch time!

Thankfully the beach in Venice is dog friendly. We try to do research on locations that are dog friendly but sometimes we can't always find what we are looking for. At the entrance to the beach just left of our house here in Venice there is a sign for no dogs allowed. Which is interesting because you can see dog paw prints all over the sand there and past the sign. We don't want to break any rules so we walked down to the next entrance to the right of our house. There was a big sign that showed us where the dog beach was! Yay! But since it was winter and off-season we noticed people were out with their dogs at all areas of the beach. And the beach wasn't crowded at all. Most of the time, we were alone on the beach. On busier days there were maybe 15 other people total in either direction that we could see. I am sure come summer season this beach is packed! There are lots of beach clubs all along the boardwalk with changing rooms, beach chairs and kiosks for food and rentals. But this is all closed in the winter.

James the Poodle in pure Poodle Heaven:

The beach is covered in shells:

James is ready for me to kick the ball:

If you notice in the background Jame is waiting for me to kick the ball and Chris is down by the shoreline looking for shark teeth:

The shells are so pretty:

And then I found a lure! I thought maybe it was old but this is actually a typical Italian lure (it doesn't look anything like the lures I am used to seeing back in Florida):

James is ready for Chris to kick the ball:

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