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Tuesday September 05, 2017
The Apple Store - World Travel Adapter Kit
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
We headed over to the Georgetown Apple Store and James went with us of course. He met a lot of new friends while Chris shopped for our World Travel Adapter Kits.

I actually met a family that was visiting from Strasbourg, France. The woman I spoke to was super nice and she was saying how they spoke French and German because they were right on the border of Germany. And she spoke English, too, of course. Mein Deutsch ist noch nicht so gut.

Now that we have our MacBooks, iPhones and iPads all set up with the proper plugs we just need to get a new Apple TV and Base Station/Time Machine once we get overseas. And did I mention I am worried about finding a nice flat iron right away??!! I LOVE my GHD flat iron. And I know it works with an EU converter. But I've also read on a lot of expat forums that it just won't work the same and it really makes sense just to buy a new flat iron overseas. My crazy curly hair on the underside of my neck needs tamed almost every day. The hair on top of my head is super flat. I have this odd curly and straight combo!

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