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Monday September 04, 2017
James is Getting Used to His Sky Condo
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
We bought James a crate for his big move. We wanted him to be comfortable with the crate so we put his bed inside and also his water bottle. We actually bought the water bottle about a month ago and mounted it to the wall above his bed in our bedroom. James loved this new crate water bottle SO much he would wake us up every night several times a night! He would get up to reposition and notice the bottle and start licking away at the ball.

Here is the water bottle on Amazon.

We ended up moving the water bottle to the living room and we are all sleeping through the night again haha!

It has been just over a week and I would say James is pretty comfortable with his Sky Condo. I'm still going to be so nervous when Flight Day arrives. But I'm sure we will all be okay.

Have you traveled with your dog as cargo? If so, we would love to hear your story. Leave us a comment :)

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