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Bipolar House

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Check out this house we found in Virginia - I told Chris it was a bipolar house!

It looks pretty much like every other home built in 1956 in Virginia:

But then you look at the addition on the back and WOW the style is completely different. It doesn't even look like the same house!

It is available for rent for $3995 a month.
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Question for action movie fans...

I was watching Taken 2 last night and something occurred to me during the car chase scene and I want some other...

And James: And both boys together with their cute bandanas - Goblin\'s says \"I\'m the BIG brother\" and James\' says \"I bite\" both very fitting! "; $category = "At Home"; include("../../template.php"); ?>


It's HOT!

Lately our AC has been running non stop. I think it's going on a full week now and the AC has yet to shut off....