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Fri February 09, 2018
Buying and fitting a muzzle for your dog
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
When we decided to move to Europe, we knew we would need a muzzle for our Standard Poodle James. We had been to Europe before and seen dogs on the streets with muzzles attached to their leashes or collars. None of the dogs were wearing their muzzles, but they did always have them. We wanted to make sure we followed the proper laws and rules. We first went to Petco and PetSmart to see what muzzles they had in stock. None of these muzzles quite fit James. Poodles have long skinny noses and
Thu February 08, 2018
Learning to drive in Italy
posted by: Chris • in At Home
Italians have a reputation for being chaotic drivers, from Hollywood to Rick Steves' tours we hear about the traffic in Italy. But we discovered something interesting about Italy and now Italians learn the rules of the road. Be sure to watch the video above to the end to see what you may not have known about driving in Italy!
Tue February 06, 2018
Backpack Duffel from North Face
posted by: Chris • in At Home
Wheeling around a large suitcase is a pain, especially when you get somewhere only to find that all of your things have settled and there is plenty of empty space that somehow wasn't there when you closed the bag the night before! Plus large suitcases take up a big area in a room. If you just pull one out and put it anywhere the room instantly feels smaller. So I decided to ditch mine and go for something more practical, a backpack/duffel from North Face. This thing stand just shorter than
Mon February 05, 2018
You continyoued
posted by: Chris • in At Home
A few weeks ago you may remember the funny story we told you about our silly restaurant idea. The restaurant called "You"? (All About You) Well this story continyoues with more things that are named "You". The first item is a perfume named "You" (Glossier You). Their creative take in bullet points: • Mostly it smells like you... • *please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient* • a mix of top notes say “nice to meet you!” I
Wed January 24, 2018
Travel Tip: Noise App for Sleeping
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
One of our travel tips for sleeping in new places is to get a noise app. When we first arrived in Vienna, Austria our apartment was SO quiet. Too quiet! It was actually hard for us to sleep because it was so quiet. We had the Dohm White Noise Sound Machine when we lived in DC. I liked the Dohm because it was a natural and unpredictable white noise. Some white noise apps have distinguishable loops and I start to hear the patterns! Since we couldn't bring our Dohm with us (we could buy a
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