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Wed April 04, 2018
Lido di Venezia, Italy - Beach Portraits
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
It is so beautiful here in Lido di Venezia, Italy. We took some nice posed photos of all of us - finally! The beach: James posing: Sandra and James: Chris and James: Our 2018 family portrait: And... that's a wrap. James is bored and ready to play fetch on the beach now:
Tue April 03, 2018
Beach Life on Lido di Venezia, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
Oh we are LOVING the beach! It is cold and winter but we still love it. James REALLY loves it. When James was a puppy, we rented a beach house for a month in St. Augustine Beach, Florida (check out the old posts from that month here and here). James would play fetch on the beach every. single. day. And now 8 years later he still starts to dance when he sees a beach. He knows that beaches mean fetch time! Thankfully the beach in Venice is dog friendly. We try to do research on locations
Mon April 02, 2018
Our Apartment in Venice, Italy
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
We really love our Airbnb in Venice, Italy! We are actually out on Lido di Venezia. Being Floridians, we were missing the beach and we weren't sure we wanted to be in the heart of Venice. The motoscafi (water taxis - check out our blog post on getting around Venice if you haven't seen it yet) out to Lido are easy to catch and we are really enjoying how quiet the beach is in the off-season. Chris is working hard and James is napping hard: James really likes the cool terrazzo floors.
Tue March 27, 2018
The More of Less - Book by Joshua Becker
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
The More of Less - Book by Joshua Becker I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist. But I have owned and moved WAY too much stuff in my life. And more recently, I have downsized - twice. So reading books about minimalism definitely interests me. When I moved into my dorm room at the University of Florida at 18, I had TOO much stuff. I remember driving down to move in - following my parents who were pulling a trailer of my stuff and things were falling off of it. This was pre-cell
Mon March 05, 2018
Heart Sponge for Washing Dishes
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
I prefer washing dishes by hand as opposed to using a dishwasher. Here in Europe, a lot of apartments don't even have dishwashers. But we've actually rented a few that did have dishwashers! I have been buying 3-packs of sponges every few weeks and using those for washing dishes. Right around Valentine's Day, I decided I wanted some heart sponges to wash dishes with. I don't even know how I came up with this idea - where was I going to find such a specific item? I think we must have walked
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