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Milka Oreo chocolate bar

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Oh my goodness - two of my favorite things in one candy bar! Milka chocolate is something I first tried in Austria and I fell in love with the taste. It is a Swiss German chocolate and it is even better than Cadbury chocolate! And Oreos are just amazing. So when I saw an advertisement for the Milka Oreo bar I knew I would want to try it. Unfortunately, Washington DC doesn't usually have the newest food items at the grocery store. But we were out in Virginia one day and I popped into a Walmart for a few things and there was the Milka Oreo bar!

Flamingo Table Linens

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I love The Company Store. I learned about them years ago from my sorority sisters. Roommates in the sorority house planned matching bedding and room decorations and they usually ordered their bedding from TCS. They have great bedding basics (fluffy mattress toppers, fluffy comforters and oh so soft sheets) but they have other home items, too, like towels, curtains and table linens.

I was on their website looking for a very light summer blanket and I noticed these adorable flamingo table linens! I love the flamingo table runner, the little square flamingo cocktail napkins and I love the flamingo dinner napkins! I've been thinking about buying fabric napkins since we moved to Washington, DC. This town is SO formal and most of our neighbors use fabric table linens when we go to their homes for dinner. And they have fabric cocktail napkins, too!

I think because I am from Florida I am attracted to flamingo themed items. I have these cute flamingo hand towels I found at TJ Maxx here in Georgetown. I just need to decide if I really NEED real linen napkins. Would we really use them on a regular basis?

I did get a set of fabric napkins from a friend as a gift and they are SO cute - they are white with little embroidered reindeer with red felt ball noses. I try to use them every year around Christmas.

Bipolar House

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Check out this house we found in Virginia - I told Chris it was a bipolar house!

It looks pretty much like every other home built in 1956 in Virginia:

But then you look at the addition on the back and WOW the style is completely different. It doesn't even look like the same house!

It is available for rent for $3995 a month.
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