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Thu November 23, 2017
Dumpster Diving for Roses
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
Chris is such an understanding husband. He gets a little embarrassed when I do silly things and he definitely thinks I am nutty for taking roses out of the garbage. We have a florist on the first floor of our flat here in Vienna. And they throw away a LOT of flowers. They are too "old" to sell. But they still smell beautiful and they have a few more days of life in them. And they are free!!! So I have been dumpster diving the garbage cans at our flat for free roses. Here they are in the
Fri November 03, 2017
Prickelnd, Austria's version of Soda Water
posted by: Chris • in At Home
It seems like such a simple thing to walk into a store and buy a bottle of soda water, especially in the US where you can get Canada Dry, San Pellegrino or just the store brand in bottles as large as 2 liters or cans by the case but it was a little more difficult once we hit the ground here in Vienna. The first thing we had to learn was that the brand selection was much smaller and they are not always labeled as "still" or "sparkling" they are more commonly labeled as "ohne", "mild" and "prickelnd"
Tue October 31, 2017
The Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
I am a side sleeper. I love sleeping on my side. And with our super duper soft pillow top Stearns and Foster mattress I never had any trouble sleeping on my side. But when I stay with friends or family and they have a firm mattresses my shoulders always hurt in the morning. Now we are in Vienna and the mattress in our furnished flat is pretty firm. My shoulders have really been bothering me. I tried doing a little stretching and yoga every morning but it wasn't helping. I decided to
Thu October 26, 2017
Settling in to Vienna
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
We are getting settled in to the 4th District here in Vienna. Chris and James in our favorite park - Schweizergarten: James near our flat on Argentinierstra├če: How incredible that we live right by something as beautiful as the Karlskirche (where construction started in 1716!): One of many Hundezone parks near our flat: James and some new friends at another Hundezone:
Mon October 23, 2017
Birkenstock Makes Mattresses?!!
posted by: Sandra • in At Home
We went shopping tonight at Leiner on Mariahilferstra├če. It is such a beautiful store - I love the architecture, the chandeliers, the staircases and even the eco-friendly escalators that go slow until you step on them and they speed up! Leiner reminds me of a Macy's furniture and home section mixed with a (now closed) Home Depot Expo but everything is modern and clean and simple like CB2 or Ikea. As we were wandering around and designing our dream home in our minds I saw the mattress section.
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